Treon Aito - Release Notes 6.5.2

Jan 10, 2023 · 5 minutes to read

Treon Gateway

This article gives the update link and the release notes for the Treon Aito 6.5 software release.

Update link:

Command line:

fwupdate-run --use-device-cert


Please note: The update file cannot be downloaded via your browser, the Treon Gateway needs to access the update server directly. Please see this article to learn more about updating your gateway.


For Internal Networks LAN

Due to a new feature to prevent ethernet hangups, Internal Network usage now requires disabling the ping or changing the address to an internal address. Follow the instructions here

What’s New Treon Aito 6.5.0

In version 6.5 we are now supporting Wirepas 5.2 OTAPv2. OTAPv2 is supported for WNT and CLI but not yet DM commands. The list of improvements for Wirepas 5.2 can be found here
The gateway also hosts the otap file required to update the Wirepas version of Industrial Nodes (1 and 6), and the Gateway itself, in /usr/treon/wirepas/fw to facilitate the update link to OTAP update
From now on USB is not powered on until 30 seconds after boot is complete. This means rebooting the gateway now powercycles USB powered devices. The change was prompted when one of our customers had issues with the USB devices not power cycling since the power went off for a tiny amonut of time during gateway reboot and connected devices with powerful enough capacitors were never rebooted.
We have introduced new capabilities to SIM compatibility. SIM authentication with CHAP/PAP protocols is now supported.
There is a change on the gateways behaviour when encountering an out of memory error. Now the gateway will reboot instead of killing processes, this improves stability but in the rare case of a service causing an out of memory error very quickly after boot it can cause the device to not power on properly and be stuck in a boot loop.
The .Net frameworks version was upgraded to 6.0.2


  • Device Manager now supports changing wirepas parameters of nodes. It will use the tool in the gateway. This means that now wirepas parameters can be edited from a backend connection. Link to DM command page

Scripts and commands

  • wp_ota command now supports OTAPv2 used by Wirepass version 5.2 nodes and other devices. Use -h to read about the new features.
  • The tool used for reading and modifying wirepas characteristics is now capable of sending custom messages with -m or –manual flags.

Stability and bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug where after a Gateway is wiped by holding the button (or if the folder with the ssh authorized keys is deleted), the update process worked incorrectly. In particular the updatehooks did not trigger correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the SinkOn parameter to false wouldn’t turn off the sink reliably
  • Fixed a bug that caused sometimes messages with pingresult as mqtt topic to end up in the cloud by mistake.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the cloud connection to reconnect/disconnect in a loop
  • Network stability improved with Asset Node devices. When they deliver buffered messages the gateway tried to correct the devices timer. Now the correction will only trigger with status messages (which are not buffered).
  • Update system reliability increased to prevent permanent damage when updating with a corrupt filesystem.
  • If ping fails gw-system-manager will reset ethernet. This can help recover connection in some cases where the ethernet connection was previously recovered by rebooting the gateway.


  • There is a bug with the Connman version used. Setting a timeserver doesn’t work if there’s no nameservers defined. Workaround: Define a nameserver in connman config /var/lib/connman (or configUI) with any IP, doesn’t need to respond. Can generate other issues due to no nameserver if it is incorrect but without the timeserver cloud connections won’t work.

No migration needed from 6.0.0 For Internal Networks: Due to a new feature to prevent ethernet hangups, Internal Network usage now requires disabling the ping or changing the address to an internal address. Follow the instructions here

Target devices
All Treon provided Gateways

What’s New Treon Aito 6.5.1

  • Small change to the Browser Configuration Interface text fields

What’s New Treon Aito 6.5.2


  • Nodefwupdater (Command to update nodes) improvements to stability. Now by default it will be more reliable (taking longer time to ensure all packets are received).
  • NodeInventory feature uses less CPU processing.

Stability and bugfixes

  • ConnectionString SAS token expired bug fixed for customers using ConnectionString to connect to Microsoft Azure backends. This issue occurred when the Treon Gateway did not have the correct time set, usually due to the time server not being available before the cloud service started.
  • MQTT client inflight message limit fixed.
  • MQTT client TLS setup updated (part of migration to Python 3).


The Treon Aito platform is a leading platform for massive IOT. Thank you for being our partner. Please send any feedback to


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