Treon Aito Release 7.3.1 for Gateway

Jun 13, 2024 · 4 minutes to read

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This article gives the update link and the release notes for the Treon Aito Release 7.3.1 for Gateway.

Update link:

Command line:

fwupdate-run --use-device-cert


Please note: The update file cannot be downloaded via your browser, the Treon Gateway needs to access the update server directly. Please see this article to learn more about updating your gateway.


What’s New Treon Aito Release 7.3.1 for Gateway

This release is full of new useful features as well as a batch of bugfixes related to technical issues discovered in 7.2. You will now be able to change the behaviour of burst messages (FFT and raw data) so they are sent as a single large MQTT message instead of 2300 smaller fragments. Or instead, if you are using a redundant gateway, now the nodes will be able to continue sending their raw data even after swapping Gateways resulting in no missed measurements when this happens. Even our legacy system of burst data has a new face as you can set it to send the data encoded for reduced message size! We also have a big announcement with Wirepas 5.3 support for the Gateway. You can find all the information related to our Wirepas 5.3 support in this article

Wirepas 5.3

  • Wirepas 5.3 compatibility is included in this release. For more information on Wirepas 5.3 check this article

Burst data improvements

  • Legacy and new Burst data types have additional fields, “BurstId” in the “BurstEnd” message and “DataSize” in the “BurstStart” message.
  • Optional feature to support the nodes swapping Gateways while sending a burst message.
  • Optional feature to encode legacy data to reduce the size of each MQTT message.
  • Optional feature to send a single large encoded payload to MQTT instead of many small ones.
  • DM support to select the preferred behaviour for Burst data

You can read more about how to enable these features and which one is right for you in this article


  • Fixed a bug related to the DM command to turn on/off Node Telemetry. Now it is more reliable. If you use this feature you should run it again after upgrade to make sure you are not affected.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the % character to not be usable in the MQTT configuration for example as a password.
  • Node Telemetry would sometimes send the data out too early splitting one of the nodes data into 2 different MQTT fragments a full interval apart.
  • Fixed some errors related to saving changes in the Configuration UI
  • Fixed an issue that caused Passthrough parser to fail to serialize data.
  • Fixed a Node Telemetry field “WirepasVersion” that was being parsed incorrectly
  • Fixed a Node Inventory issue where it could fail when sending and reading data simultaneously
  • We fixed several issues related to the technical issues discovered in 7.2
    • Gateway Telemetry was not working in 7.2
    • Some Gateway DM fields were not working in 7.2 like 33586 and 33585

Gateway Buffering

  • Gateway buffering feature is now officially supported on the Gateway. This feature allows the gateway to buffer data from the nodes while the connection to the backend is off and sends them when the connection is established. You can read more on how to enable it here


Target devices
All Treon provided Treon Gateways, Treon Gateways 2 and Treon Gateways in Protective Enclosure.


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