Treon Aito Release 7.1 for Gateway

Sep 6, 2023 · 3 minutes to read

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This article gives the update link and the release notes for the Treon Aito Release 7.1.1 for Gateway.

Update link:

Command line:

fwupdate-run --use-device-cert


Please note: The update file cannot be downloaded via your browser, the Treon Gateway needs to access the update server directly. Please see this article to learn more about updating your gateway.


What’s New Treon Aito Release 7.1.1 for Gateway

New features

  • Passthrough parser now allows the Treon Gateway, Treon Gateway 2 and Treon Gateway in Protective Enclosure to relay the contents of messages from third party Wirepas devices in the network to the backend.
  • HTTP support for ServerCaChain has been implemented.
  • Node Role can now be changed with DM commands. This will let you turn nodes to non-routing or normal mode from the backend.
  • The Maintenance Connection can now be enabled or disabled via DM commands.
  • Manual and automatic time can now be set with a DM command.



  • Fixed a bug where LED of an offline Treon Gateway, Treon Gateway 2 or Treon Gateway in Protective Enclosure could turn from blue to green during boot process before finally settling on red.
  • Added some details to the default configuration to enable some of the latest features by default or make it simpler to enable them.
  • Modem functionality improved with some increased timeouts in the connection process that will make it more reliable in the future.
  • Blacklisted some interfaces like docker-generated ones to prevent networking errors.


Configuration UI

  • Fixed a bug where the LED of a Treon Gateway, Treon Gateway 2 or Treon Gateway in Protective Enclosure would stay green while tethering (Access Point Mode) was in use.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ping enable/disable button was not being saved properly in some cases or it could cause unexpected LED behaviour.
  • Fixed a bug where the Configuration UI could have issues if Ping was disabled.


Node Telemetry

  • DM commands and new data parameters added.
  • Commands to turn ON/OFF the feature and change the diagnostic interval.


No migration needed from Treon Aito Release 6.0.0 for Gateway.


Target devices
All Treon provided Treon Gateways, Treon Gateways 2 and Treon Gateways in Protective Enclosure.


Treon Support

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