Treon Aito Release 7.0 for Gateway

Mar 21, 2023 · 4 minutes to read

Treon Gateway

This article gives the update link and the release notes for the Treon Aito Release 7.0.1 for Gateway.

Our new Treon Aito Release 7.0.1 for Gateway has been approved! Please stand by a little longer while we prepare the release notes and update links for you.

Update link:

Command line:

fwupdate-run --use-device-cert


Please note: The update file cannot be downloaded via your browser, the Treon Gateway needs to access the update server directly. Please see this article to learn more about updating your gateway.


What’s New Treon Aito Release 7.0.1 for Gateway

  Stability and bugfixes

  • Kernel version has been updated from 5.4.70 to 5.4.228.
  • The message queue limit in the MQTT client has been increased to 35000. This will improve the reliability of sending large amounts of data over a limited network connection such as 2G cellular.
  • USB modem MTU has been changed to 1200 to extend the compatibility to more network operators.
  • The Node Inventory feature now lists nodes that have communicated within 3h 30min, up from previously 60 minutes. This ensures that all Treon Industrial Nodes are captured regardless of customer configuration as their status message interval is 3 hours.
  • Treon Asset Node time correction has been fixed and works now properly.
  • NB-IoT has been removed from the default cellular connection options. The new default (RAT) is LTE-M, 2G. The change was implemented because NB-IoT in general is not suitable for gateway usage and in some cases has caused issues. Connection may have defaulted to it instead of better options. If it must be used, it can still be activated manually. This change only applies to new Treon Gateways. The configuration for cellular connectivity does not change in updates to avoid changing a user’s running configuration.
  • When connecting to an MQTT backend, if no username or password are specified, it will attempt to connect by default anonymously. Previously it was necessary to specify this in the configuration.

Security and logging

  • Fixed a bug where under certain conditions TLS was not tried first when insecure connections were allowed.
  • New USB overcurrent detection, this is a useful debugging tool for USB devices.

Configuration UI

  • A bug which caused the button of the Treon Gateway to not activate Access Point mode under rare conditions has been fixed.
  • Treon Gateway’s SSID has been changed to “treongw-” instead of “treongw1-”. This applies only to new production gateways. Older devices that are updated will still use the old SSID.
  • A bug that allowed to misconfigure the “Cellular Profile” and cause a state that could only be recovered via SSH, has been fixed.
  • Issues that caused configuration changes not to be applied correctly when an ethernet cable was connected have been fixed.
  • Ping and Time settings as well as Maintenance connection toggle have been moved to a new category called ‘System Settings’.
  • DHCP/Static IP setting can be applied to Wi-Fi now. Previously this has been available only for Ethernet interface.

Node Telemetry

  • Node Telemetry has been released as an R&D feature. It allows to send Node Diagnostic messages to your MQTT broker. This enables monitoring key performance attributes of Mesh networks. Currently, the feature needs to be enabled from the Treon Gateway configuration file using an SSH connection. In the next Treon Aito for Gateway release, DM-command support will be introduced. For a more complete guide on how to set it up check this article


No migration needed from Treon Aito Release 6.0.0 for Gateway.


Known Issues

• Depending on the browser used, you may see a wrong time in the configuration UI. Setting time always works correctly but some browsers may show it as GMT.


Target devices
All Treon provided Treon Gateways.


Treon Customer Support

If you have further questions, please contact Treon Customer Support.


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