Jan 31, 2023 · 2 minutes to read


I cannot find the correct gateway from my network, and mDNS does not show anything.

If your computer is connected over WLAN to a corporate network, the configuration of the corporate network routers may prevent mDNS from working. This may prevent you from finding the gateway, even though the gateway itself would be connected to the network with an Ethernet cable. In these cases, connect both your computer and the gateway to the network using an Ethernet cable.


I get ‘permission denied’ when accessing the Wirepas settings as gwuser.

Only the user gwadmin can access the Wirepas settings. Check if you are logged in with the the correct user credentials.


I don’t get any Wirepas data even though gateway and nodes are in the same network.

If you have multiple active gateways in the same network, the Wirepas data may be transmitted to another gateway than the one you’re trying. This can happen especially when you’re doing development work with the gateways an nodes. Check that only one gateway is active.


Copying files to the gateway using SCP does not work.

Most likely, you don’t have the correct access rights. For example, gwuser cannot copy files to the root because it does not have write access.


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