Troubleshooting - Treon Industrial Node & Treon Industrial Node 6

Feb 2, 2023 · 1 minutes to read

Check if the Treon sensor is connected to the gateway

First method to check connection can be done with the sensor

  1. Briefly press the user button of the sensor
  2. Led will light up and then blink. If the blink is green sensor is connected to a gateway. Red blink indicates no connection.

For more detailed analysis log files in the gateway are needed

  1. Enable DEBUG level logging
  2. Check wirepas adapter file if there are messages coming in.
    $ tail -f /opt/iotgw/logs/wpadapter_WpAdapter.log
  1. If wirepas data is received, check the cloud backend log. The log will show is sending of messages succeeds.
    $ tail -f /opt/iotgw/logs/cloud_CloudAdapter.log



  • If you have multiple gateways in the same wirepas network it is possible that sensor communicated with another gateway. Sensor will indicate with led that it is connected, but you cannot see messages on the specific gateway.
  • Wirepas log should indicate received data on endpoints lower than 200.
    2021-03-17 10:16:14] Data received on EP 2 of len 45 with id 129 from 0xd89f6b to 0x1ffb57
  • Wirepas log does not show sensor’s serial number, only its wirepas address. These are not the same in all cases.

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