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Known Issues and Workarounds

Mar 1, 2024 · 5 minutes to read

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The best product still needs to be kept adapted to a changing technical environment. Here we offer a list of the known issues in the Treon Aito Release for Gateway that we are aware of, as well as possible solutions and workarounds.

If you have an issue that is not listed here, please report it to the Treon Support team.


Keep your Treon product updated

The good news first: Most known issues have already been fixed! Our dedicated teams of product makers are constantly improving our products. Make sure you have the latest Treon Aito Release version for your Treon product to not only benefit from the latest bug fixes but also the newest features!

See the Updates section for more information on how to update!


Known Issues


Treon Aito Release 7.2.0 for Gateway

These issues have not yet been fixed in our latest Treon Aito Release for Gateway - but our dedicated product makers are working on fixing them in future release versions!

Treon Aito Release 7.3 for Gateway is on the way and will be the next step in the evolution of our product range! Stay tuned - we will announce the release in our Treon Technical Newsletter. Not a subscriber yet? Send an email to Treon Support and we will be happy to add you to the list!


Configuration UI Issues

  • Connecting to Wi-Fi networks without DHCP enabled and with Hidden SSID around can cause issues when saving the configuration.

  • Update from image file might not work in some cases.

  • Automatic disable of Node Telemetry after 72 hours can fail sometimes.

  • NTP server changes might not save when using Gateway with a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Some of the new features in the Node Telemetry can only work when using Wirepas 5.2 or higher

  • Gateway Telemetry feature not working correctly in this release.

  • DM objects 33584 (Node Inventory) and 33586 (Maintenance connection/Manual time) are unresponsive.

  • DM objects 33585 (Wirepas Parameters) is not working properly.

  • Node Telemetry with Wirepas 5.2 or higher might send incomplete information due to the data being too large for a single wirepas fragment and the second fragment being discarded.

    Older Treon Aito Release for Gateway versions

    These issues have already been fixed and only occur in older versions of the Treon Aito Release for Gateway. Please update your Treon Gateway, Treon Gateway 2 or Treon Gateway in Protective Enclosure in order to avoid these issues.

    Treon Aito Release for Gateway 7.1.1
    • Known Issue: If there are Hidden SSID Wi-Fi networks the Configuration UI Wi-Fi scan fails.
      • Workaround: There are two possible ways to address the issue:
        a. You can set the time manually through the Treon Gateway's [Configuration UI](/pathmesh/gateway/gw_connections/configui) or via [DM commands](/pathmesh/indnodeconfig/dmcmd_guide). Please not that the Treon Gateway will lose the time whenever it loses power.
        b. You can set a timeserver via [SSH connection](/pathmesh/gateway/gw_connections/sshconnection) to the Treon Gateway.

    • Known Issue: Wi-Fi names with more than one word are shortened to the first word.
      • Workaround: Only use one-word names for the Wi-Fi network.

    • Known Issue: Switching to AP Mode can fail if already connected to a Wi-Fi network.
      • Workaround: Disconnect the Treon Gateway from the Wi-Fi network temporarily or try a different connection method like ethernet or cellular.

    • Known Issue: Changing NTP server does not save properly.
      • Workaround: Update to the latest firmware version.

    Treon Aito Release for Gateway 7.0.1
    • Known Issue: Connecting to an MQTT without a username and/or password leads to an error.
      • Workaround: It is necessary to include the MqttUserName and MqttPassWord lines in the configuration file without any values or text:
          CloudType = azure_paho
          CloudBackend = mqtt
          MqttBaseUrl = URL
          MqttPort = 8883
          MqttUserName =
          MqttPassWord =

    • Known Issue: The internal clock of the Treon Asset Node has the wrong time settings. This issue can occur in Treon Asset Nodes connected to Treon Gateways running Treon Aito Release 6.5.2 for Gateway or older.
      • Workaround: Update the Treon Gateway to the latest Treon Aito Release for Gateway. The Treon Asset Nodes will sync the time with the gateway and correct it in case it is more than 60 seconds out of sync.

    Treon Aito Release for Gateway 6.5.2
    • Known Issue: If you activate a Wi-Fi network after you already have entered the Configuration UI on your Treon Gateway, it might not be recognized by the Treon Gateway.
      • Workaround: Activate the Wi-Fi you want to connect to already some time before you enter the Configuration UI on your Treon Gateway.

    • Known Issue: Access Point Mode on the Treon Gateway may fail to activate (get stuck) after configuring multiple networks with wrong passwords.
      • Workaround: Connect the Treon Gateway temporarily via an ethernet or cellular connection. This will restore Wi-Fi activation. Remove the conflicting Wi-Fi from Configuration UI settings.

    • Known Issue: The configuration parser implementation of the Iotgw-application was changed from Python 2 to Python 3. The Python 3 parser cannot handle the configuration file with multiple sections with the same name.
      • Workaround: This is a configuration error in the .conf file, which needs to be fixed by the creator of the file.

    • Known Issue: Updating the Treon Aito Release for Industrial Node for your Treon product may fail in some cases when the mesh network is busy.
      • Workaround: The update needs to be started again.


    Treon Support

    You still have questions? Our dedicated team of experts is happy to help you! Please contact Treon Support directly by e-mail.

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