Treon Gateway Configuration

After you have successfully connected to the gateway using an SSH connection, you can configure the available parameters and settings. Differences between gwadmin and gwuser The access rights of gwadmin and gwuser are different.

Treon Gateway - Overview of the Basics

Treon Gateway - Telemetry

Basics of Treon Industrial Nodes

DM Commands

Treon Industrial Node Configuration

Treon Gateway - Advanced Setup

Backend - Overview

Treon Gateway - Network connection

You can connect to the gateway using A browser and the gateway’s own WLAN access point An SSH connection and either the gateway’s own WLAN access point or when gateway is connected to infrastructure network via Ethernet or WLAN.

Sensors - Treon Asset Node

The Treon Asset Node is a modern take on asset monitoring. Designed to stand extreme conditions, Treon Asset Node enables monitoring and locating assets in harsh conditions. It measures asset temperature and captures even the highest shocks, making it a highly viable sensor for asset and logistic tracking.