Backend - Overview

Overview Backend Treon Sensor System consists of sensors, gateways and backend services. Sensors make the measurements and send the collected data to the gateway. Treon Gateway moves data between sensors and backend systems.

Treon Gateway - Overview

This article gives an overview of all Treon Knowledgebase content related to the setup and maintenance of a Treon Gateway. Installation & Setup For the basic installation and basic setup of the Treon Gateway, please see the QuickStart Guide.

Update your Treon Gateway & Nodes

Welcome to the Treon Knowledgebase Update section! In this guide we show you how to update your Treon Gateway Aito software via an SSH connection.  The latest Treon Gateway Aito software release is 6.

Treon Gateway Configuration

After you have successfully connected to the gateway using an SSH connection, you can configure the available parameters and settings. Differences between gwadmin and gwuser The access rights of gwadmin and gwuser are different.

Update your Treon Gateway via SSH

This article describes how to update your Treon Aito software via SSH access to your Treon Gateway. Please Note: In case you are not sure which Treon Aito software release you should install, or if you have a custom configuration, please contact Treon Customer Support.

Treon Gateway - System description

Quick Start Guides To learn about the hardware, the installation and basic setup of the Treon Gateway, please read our Quick Start Guide. Overview The Treon Gateway connects a mesh of sensor nodes to a cloud backend.

Quick Start - Treon Gateway

How to get started with your Treon Gateway.

Treon Gateway - Development Environment

The Treon Gateway provides a powerful ARM-based Linux platform (Yocto) for running edge compute applications. Developers can easily deploy and execute applications written in Python 2.7 or 3 (preloaded) Node.

Configuring the Treon Gateway

Starting the configuration process Press the configuration button (F) until the status light (A) starts blinking. The Gateway becomes a Wi-Fi access point. Using your phone, computer, or tablet, connect to the access point: select treongw1-serialnumber, where serialnumber is the serial number of your Gateway.

Treon Gateway - Network connection

You can connect to the gateway using A browser and the gateway’s own WLAN access point An SSH connection and either the gateway’s own WLAN access point or when gateway is connected to infrastructure network via Ethernet or WLAN.