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Update your Treon Industrial Node via SSH

This article describes the process of updating your Treon Industrial Nodes and Industrial Nodes 6 to the latest Treon Aito Release for Industrial Node via an SSH connection to your Treon Gateway.

Treon Gateway - Change the standard SSH key

NOTE: There is no point of changing our standard key, please DO NOT do that. Instead, if you want to replace our maintenance connection with your own: Copy /usr/sbin/reverse-ssh-daemon e.

Treon Gateway - Gateway Buffering

Please note: This feature has not been tested with all possible configurations. Please proceed with care. In case you experience any issues, please contact Treon Support. To follow this guide you will need to connect to the Gateway with SSH

Basics of Treon Industrial Nodes

Predictive monitoring is the key to predictive maintenance. Condition monitoring helps to indicate developing faults in the machinery by identifying significant enough changes. The process critical machines - turbines, or boilers, for example, cover usually around 5% of the machines.

Treon Gateway - Internal Network LAN

For 6.5 GW version When using gateway in closed network (no internet access) ping must be disabled or ping address must be changed to an internal address that will answer ping (ICMP)

Connecting to the Treon Gateway

The easiest way to set up your Treon Gateway is with the Config Ui, which offers a graphical user interface. The second way is to access the gateway via SSH connection, which will offer more control over the Treon Gateway’s settings.

Treon Gateway Configuration

After you have successfully connected to the gateway using an SSH connection, you can configure the available parameters and settings. Differences between gwadmin and gwuser The access rights of gwadmin and gwuser are different.

Basics of Treon Industrial Nodes

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