Wirepas 5.3

Wirepas 5.3 Notice Only Gateways with firmware 7.3 or higher can use Wirepas 5.3. Wirepas 5.3 is an incremental improvement in the quality of the wirepas connection along with a few bugfixes.

Treon Gateway - Development Environment

Introduction The Treon Gateway provides a powerful ARM-based Linux platform (Yocto) for running edge compute applications. Developers can easily deploy and execute applications written in Python 2.7 or 3 (preloaded) Node.

Update your Treon Industrial Node via SSH

This article describes the process of updating your Treon Industrial Nodes and Industrial Nodes 6 to the latest Treon Aito Release for Industrial Node via an SSH connection to your Treon Gateway.

Treon Gateway - Change the standard SSH key

NOTE: There is no point of changing our standard key, please DO NOT do that. Instead, if you want to replace our maintenance connection with your own: Copy /usr/sbin/reverse-ssh-daemon e.

Treon Gateway - Internal Network LAN

For Treon Aito Release 6.5 for Gateway When using gateway in a closed network (no internet access) ping can be disabled or the ping address can be changed to an internal address that will answer ping (ICMP), so that the green LED responds to the success/failure of the internal networking instead of being permanently red.

Treon Gateway - Gateway Buffering

Please note: This feature is fully supported as of release 7.3. It is recommended that you update your device before using it. Enabling Offline Buffering To follow this guide you will need to connect to the Gateway with SSH

Treon Gateway Deployment behind a Firewall or in a Private Network

When deployed behind a firewall or in a closed network, it is important to pay attention to make sure all the features of the Treon Gateway will work correctly. Behind a firewall, the correct ports need to be open to allow Treon Gateway services such as the connection test and the device updates to have network access.

Treon Gateway - SSH Connection

Introduction If you are trying to do advanced work on the Treon Gateway, Treon Gateway 2 and Treon Gateway in Protective Enclosure that cannot be done via the Configuration UI, you need to connect via an SSH connection.

Troubleshooting - Treon Gateway

The Treon Gateway cannot connect via SIM card If the Treon Gateway has a SIM card in its SIM card slot but does not connect to the network (indicated by a red status light), there are several possible root causes.

Advanced Configuration of the Treon Gateway

Introduction After you have successfully connected to the Treon Gateway, Treon Gateway 2 or Treon Gateway in Protective Enclosure using an SSH connection, you can configure the available advanced parameters and settings.