MQTT Introduction

Introduction MQTT is a network protocol that transports messages in between devices.  MQTT setup Connect to the Treon Gateway by using SSH. Add a configuration file (ending in .

How to set up the MQTT connection

Known Issues and Workarounds

Introduction The best product still needs to be kept adapted to a changing technical environment. Here we offer a list of the known issues in the Treon Aito Release for Gateway that we are aware of, as well as possible solutions and workarounds.

How to set up an MQTT broker

Introduction An MQTT broker can be used to monitor your Node data and to send DM messages to the Treon Gateway. You can easily setup an MQTT broker on your computer for testing or configuration purposes.

Creating a custom systemd service

Introduction The Treon Gateway uses systemd as it’s init/service manager. This article helps you add your own service or unit file to start your application automatically after boot process is finished and make it persistent between updates.

How to modify MQTT subtopics

Introduction By changing cloud adapters configuration from /opt/iotgw/conf.d by adding file with name ending with .conf you can change mqtt pub/sub topics. This can be done with for example “nano /opt/iotgw/conf.

Node Telemetry

Introduction From Treon Aito Release 7.1 for Gateway onward, it is possible to enable sending telemetry data from the nodes in the mesh network to the MQTT broker. This can be very helpful in monitoring the deployment quality and performance of the mesh network.

Treon Gateway Connectivity Overview

Introduction The Treon Gateway can be connected to the the internet via a wired ethernet connection, Wi-Fi or a cellular (SIM) connection. Connection priority The connection priority determines the order of connection method the Treon Gateway tries to connect in to the network.

Treon Gateway Update - Persist move

Describes gateways persist_move operation

Update your Treon Industrial Node via Device Management (DM) interface

This article describes the process of updating your Treon Industrial Nodes and Industrial Nodes 6 to the latest Treon Aito Release for Industrial Node via Device Management (DM) interface. DM commands get, set, and execute are used for this procedure.