Known Issues and Workarounds

This article offers a list of the known issues in the Treon Aito for Gateway releases that we are aware of, as well as possible solutions and workarounds.  Treon Gateway Wi-Fi network not found in Configuration mode Known Issue: If you activate a Wi-Fi network after you already have entered the Configuration UI on your Treon Gateway, it might not be recognized by the Treon Gateway.

MQTT Introduction

MQTT is a network protocol that transports messages inbetween devices. Connect to the Treon Gateway by using SSH. Add a configuration file (ending in .conf) to /opt/iotgw/conf.

How to set up the MQTT connection

Combining burst fragments into complete bursts

This article describes how to merge burst fragments into complete bursts. Introduction Each burst will have unique1 measurement id e.g: "MeasurementId":225 and burst id e.g: "BurstId":133. You should identify your burst with this information along with SensorNodeId.

How to set up an MQTT broker

An MQTT broker can be used to monitor your Node data and to send DM messages to the Gateway. You can easily setup an MQTT broker on your computer for testing or configuration purposes.

Changing the Wirepas Network Parameters of Treon devices

This article describes the procedure to change the Wirepas network parameters of your Treon devices. Please note: This article is for Treon Gateways with a Treon Aito release version of 6.

Creating a custom systemd service

The Treon Gateway uses systemd as it’s init/service manager. This article helps you add your own service or unit file to start your application automatically after boot process is finished and make it persistent between updates.

Configuring the Treon Gateway

Starting the configuration process Press the configuration button (F) until the status light (A) starts blinking. The Gateway becomes a Wi-Fi access point. Using your phone, computer, or tablet, connect to the access point: select treongw1-serialnumber, where serialnumber is the serial number of your Gateway.

How to modify MQTT subtopics

By changing cloud adapters configuration from /opt/iotgw/conf.d by adding file with name ending with .conf you can change mqtt pub/sub topics. This can be done with for example “nano /opt/iotgw/conf.d/mqtt_topics.conf” and adding configuration below to the file.

Device Management with DM Commands

Introduction Treon products, from the Treon Gateway to Treon Industrial Nodes within a mesh network, can be addressed via device management (DM) commands. These DM commands can be used to acquire information from the products and to change their configuration.