Backend - Overview

Overview Backend Treon Sensor System consists of sensors, gateways and backend services. Sensors make the measurements and send the collected data to the gateway. Treon Gateway moves data between sensors and backend systems.

Quick Start - Getting Started

How to get started with your sensoring system.

Installation Treon Industrial Node and Industrial Node 6

This article gives an overview over Industrial Node and Industrial Node 6 installation mehtods. When mounting the Industrial Node and Industrial Node 6 to a monitored equipment, it is important to consider the location of the sensor and the contact between the sensor and the machine.

Treon Knowledgebase Overview

Welcome to the Treon Knowledgebase! In this section you find articles that will help you setting up, configuring and maintaining your Treon Devices. In you are having a specific question about your Treon devices, start from the Troubleshooting section.

Troubleshooting - Treon Sensors & Nodes

Check if the Treon sensor is connected to the gateway First method to check connection can be done with the sensor Briefly press the user button of the sensor Led will light up and then blink.

Treon Nodes & Sensors Overview

Predictive monitoring is the key to predictive maintenance. Condition monitoring helps to indicate developing faults in the machinery by identifying significant enough changes. The process critical machines - turbines, or boilers, for example, cover usually around 5% of the machines.

Backend - Treon Aito Overview

Treon Aito is the embedded software platform that powers Treon Gateway. It enables smart data collection from a wide range of sensors, on-device processing, and transmitting to any cloud backend. It supports both Bluetooth LE beacons and Wirepas Mesh sensors.

Sensors - Treon Asset Node

The Treon Asset Node is a modern take on asset monitoring. Designed to stand extreme conditions, Treon Asset Node enables monitoring and locating assets in harsh conditions. It measures asset temperature and captures even the highest shocks, making it a highly viable sensor for asset and logistic tracking.

Treon Gateway - Overview

This article gives an overview of all Treon Knowledgebase content related to the setup and maintenance of a Treon Gateway. Installation & Setup For the basic installation and basic setup of the Treon Gateway, please see the QuickStart Guide.

Troubleshooting Guides

Various troubleshooting instructions for specific configuration tasks.