Treon Industrial Node 6

Activation of the Treon Industrial Node

How to activate your Treon Industrial Node

Default Configuration

Installation with Treon Glue Mount Adapter

Introduction Using the Glue Mount Adapter enables attaching the Industrial Node to a flat surface with glue. It is possible to manually align the Industrial Node. Installation with a Glue Mount Adapter requires a Treon Glue Mount Adapter, suitable glue, and a surface of 32 mm diameter.

JSON Data Description for Treon Products

Introduction Treon IoT-devices like the Treon Industrial Node, Treon Industrial Node 6, Treon Node and Treon Asset Sensor forward their measurements as binary data via the mesh network. The data is the processed by the Treon Gateway which then produces the JSON formatted data.

Parsing Vector Data

Introduction This guide should help you decoding the burst messages received after enabling the “Burst data into a single message” feature. This is a new feature in the Treon Aito Release 7.

Device Management Specifications for Treon Industrial Node 6

Introduction The Treon Industrial Node 6 measures vibration and temperature of the machine or structure it is attached to. The behaviour of the node can be modified by device management commands using Treon JSON DM messages.


Wake-Up The Treon Industrial Node, Treon Industrial Node 6 and Treon Industrial Node 6 EX all can be configured to continuously sample at low ODR and trigger a proper measurement when it detects a vibration exceeding a determined parameter.

Mesh Network

Installation with Treon Nut Adapter

Introduction It is possible to install your Treon Industrial Node and Industrial Node 6 either with or without epoxy. Option A: Nut adapter installation with epoxy:​ Minimum thread length can be less than 9 mm depending on the amount of epoxy​ Node alignment can be done manually​