Treon Industrial Node 6

Treon Industrial Node 6 Device Management

The Treon Industrial Node 6 measures vibration and temperature of the machine or structure it is attached to. The behavior of the sensor can be modified by device management commands using Treon JSON DM messages.

Installation Treon Industrial Node and Industrial Node 6

Activating the Mesh Network

This article explains how to test a mesh network deployment and troubleshoot common issues in deployment. Testing the Network Before you install the physical devices at the deployment site, first perform a dry-run of the system to test if the network runs.

Designing the Mesh Network

DM Quick Guide - How to form DM Commands

How to Form DM Commands Example of a DM command: {"Ver": "2", "Val": ["AQA="], "I": 1, "Res": [1026], "Cmd": "set", "Nid": "BROADCAST", "T": [33507, 1]}  Version Field The Version field “Ver” defines which version of the JSON specification to use.

Treon Industrial Node 6 Default Configuration

This article shows the default configuration of the Treon Industrial Node 6. Fig.: Treon Industrial Node 6 DM Model.  Timer Parameters Time ON/OFF Measurement Selection Timer 1 1h ON 0 Timer 2 6h ON 1 Timer 3 24h OFF 2 and 3 Status Interval 3h ON none  Measurement Parameters Measurement ID 0 1 2 3 Default Axis 3 3 3 x-axis All G-ramge 4 4 4 4 4 Sample Amount 36864 36864 36864 68268 110592 Calculations 1 and 3 2 and 4 5 6 0  Calculation Parameters CalcID 1 2 3 4 5 6 Default Features v-RMS, v-PEAK, v-P2P, Clipping detect LOW FFT, Clipping detect a-RMS, a-PEAK, a-P2P, Kurtosis, Crest, Clipping detect HIGH FFT, Clipping detect Raw data Raw data FFT, aRMS, aPEAK Low cut-off 10 10 no filter no filter no filter High cut-off 1000 1333 no filter no filter no filter Decimation 9 0 1 Averages 0 9 0 Overlap % 0 0 0 Window Hanning Hanning Hanning Lines of resolution 1600 1600 2048 FFT format Variable Variable Auto (no variable)  Wakeup Parameters Default Feature Enable OFF OFF Wake-up G-range 4G 4G Wake-up threshold 2 8 Wake-up Action Delay 5s 30s Wake-up Blank-time 3600s 900s Action measurement ON ON Action Indication ON OFF Action LED OFF ON Measurements to be triggered 1 1  Treon Customer Support If you have further questions, please contact Treon Customer Support.

Installation without Adapter

This article describes how to install a Treon Industrial Node or Industrial Node 6 without an adapter directly to the machine surface via an M8 hole. For this installation method, the Industrial Node is directly attached to the machine surface.

Large Data in a Mesh Network

This article shows strategies to work with raw data in a mesh network and solutions to common issues. Working with large amounts of data, that occur when transmitting burst data from the nodes to the Gateway, needs to be taken into account when planning and deploying a mesh network.

Alternative Deployments in a Mesh Network

This article introduces two alternative network deployments that solve common issues when working with large data in a mesh network. There are ways to circumvent some of the mesh network’s features that in specific cases can stand against the optimal usage of the Treon products.

Installation with Treon Magnetic Mount Adapter

This article describes how to install a Treon Industrial Node or Industrial Node 6 with the help of the Treon Magnetic Mount Adapter. Using the Treon Magnetic Mount Adapter enables attaching Industrial Node to uneven surfaces and without any opening for a bolt.