Treon Gateway 2

Backend - Overview

Introduction The Treon product environment is highly flexible and allows you to use any backend of your own as well as backends from various service providers. The Treon Aito Release for Gateway firmware provides various possibilities for backend connections.


The Documentation section of the Treon Knowledgebase provides supplementary material for the Learning path.  Data Samples See real-life data samples of measurements taken with Treon sensor products. Default Configuration

Treon Gateway - Introduction & Overview

Introduction The Treon Gateway collects, processes, and transmits data from sensors to any cloud backend over a wide range of wired and wireless connectivity. The Treon Aito Release for Gateway is the embedded software platform that powers the Treon Gateway.

Known Issues and Workarounds

Introduction The best product still needs to be kept adapted to a changing technical environment. Here we offer a list of the known issues in the Treon Aito Release for Gateway that we are aware of, as well as possible solutions and workarounds.

Update your Treon Gateway & Nodes

Introduction Treon is dedicated to improving the products of the Treon product line. It is important to keep you Treon product up-to-date so its Treon Aito Release contains the latest features and fixes.

Wirepas 5.3

Wirepas 5.3 Notice Only Gateways with firmware 7.3 or higher can use Wirepas 5.3. Wirepas 5.3 is an incremental improvement in the quality of the wirepas connection along with a few bugfixes.

Creating a custom systemd service

Introduction The Treon Gateway uses systemd as it’s init/service manager. This article helps you add your own service or unit file to start your application automatically after boot process is finished and make it persistent between updates.

Treon Gateway - Development Environment

Introduction The Treon Gateway provides a powerful ARM-based Linux platform (Yocto) for running edge compute applications. Developers can easily deploy and execute applications written in Python 2.7 or 3 (preloaded) Node.

How to modify MQTT subtopics

Introduction By changing cloud adapters configuration from /opt/iotgw/conf.d by adding file with name ending with .conf you can change mqtt pub/sub topics. This can be done with for example “nano /opt/iotgw/conf.

Treon Gateway - Tutorials

Introduction This article describes the main modules and interfaces of the Treon Aito Release for Gateway application and explains how to add new functionality to it. Architecture The application consists of three main layers: