Treon Asset Node

Sensors - Treon Asset Node

The Treon Asset Node is a modern take on asset monitoring. Designed to stand extreme conditions, Treon Asset Node enables monitoring and locating assets in harsh conditions. It measures asset temperature and captures even the highest shocks, making it a highly viable sensor for asset and logistic tracking.

Changing the Wirepas Network Parameters of Treon devices

This article describes the procedure to change the Wirepas network parameters of your Treon devices. Please note: This article is for Treon Gateways with a Treon Aito release version of 6.

Quick Start - Treon Asset Node

How to get started with your Treon Asset Node.

Sensors - JSON Data Description

This article describes the JSON formatted sensor data sent from Treon Gateway to the backend. IoT-devices like the Treon Node, Treon Industrial Node and Treon Asset Sensor send their measurements as binary data via the mesh network.