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Dec 7, 2023 · 2 minutes to read

Treon Industrial Node Treon Industrial Node 6


The Treon Industrial Node, Treon Industrial Node 6 and Treon Industrial Node 6 EX all can be configured to continuously sample at low ODR and trigger a proper measurement when it detects a vibration exceeding a determined parameter.
This function is especially useful in cases where you know the machine is not constantly turned on and you only want measurements from the ON state. There must be an evaluation of how many measurements per day we are avoiding since if the machine is turned on most of the time you might end up using more battery from the constant sampling.


Fig.: Wake-Up diagram


Blanking time: is the amount of minutes to wait after an activation before starting background sampling again.
Action delay is the amount of minutes to wait from detecting a high vibration before starting the actual measurement (eg, to let the engine warm up and reach it’s normal output)
The Threshold is defined in the specifications. It is important to note you don’t directly input the Threshold but a multiplier for the Grange, the explanations and the formula can be found in the specifications.

Note that there are some minor differences between Treon Industrial Node, where it uses the calculation features from timed triggers and Treon Industrial Node 6 / Treon Industrial Node 6 EX where you can decide what measurements to trigger similar to setting up a timer.


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