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Sep 6, 2023 · 4 minutes to read

Treon Asset Node


The Treon Asset Node is a modern take on asset monitoring. Designed to stand extreme conditions, Treon Asset Node enables monitoring and locating assets in harsh conditions. It measures asset temperature and captures even the highest shocks, making it a highly viable sensor for asset and logistic tracking.

Treon Asset Node is the perfect solution for asset and logistic tracking. A supply chain equipped with the IIoT technology works in an enhanced state. It can provide accurate, relevant, and timely data related to the status of assets, which is critical for effective logistics management. Treon Asset Node enables faster delivery. The parcels, pallets, and containers automatically alert their arrivals, moving the shipments forward without idle time. It also enables quality control. By monitoring temperature, moisture, luminosity, and impacts, high quality for sensitive shipments can be guaranteed.

Treon Asset Node Highlights

  • Cost-efficient - Low installation and maintenance cost, which make this the most cost-efficient solution in the market of advanced wireless devices.

  • Scalable – From tens to thousands of wireless sensors work together in an intelligent mesh network to enable asset & logistic tracking at scale.

  • Widely compatible - Can be integrated with any cloud backend, which makes it extremely convenient to include in a wide range of IIoT solutions.

  • Data logging - Device can log up to 1000 measurements in the device memory, to prevent data loss during temporary loss of connectivity.

  • Long battery life - Large battery, with an estimated lifetime of up to 6 years, depending on the configuration and operating environment.

  • Durable - Designed to withstand even the harshest conditions. Completely dust & water proof, and able to withstand powerful high-temperature water jets.

  • Plug & Play installation - Fast and easy to deploy on a large scale. Mount the sensors, and just press the on button.

Treon Asset Node Profiles

The Treon Asset Node devices uses one of the following profiles to control what data is measured and how often. The profile can be set in the device itself permanently or in the gateway device. The following information is meant to disclose the available profiles, for detailed information on how to change the profile contact

IDDescriptionReporting Interval minutesTemperatureShockBT Beacon
1Test profile5Min setOFFONOFFON
2Temperature monitoring15Full setOFFOFFOFFOFF
3Temperature monitoring60Full setOFFOFFOFFOFF
4Freezer monitoring15Full set< -31 or > -15 Min set in 5 min intervalOFFOFFOFF
5Freezer monitoring60Full set< -31 or > -15 Min set in 5 min intervalOFFOFFOFF
6Refrigerator monitoring15Full set< 0c or >8c Min set in 5 min intervalOFFOFFOFF
7Refrigerator monitoring60Full set< 0c or >8c Min set in 5 min intervalOFFOFFOFF
8Shock Monitoring (low)OFFOFFOFFON>=15GOFF
9Shock Monitoring (low)30Full setOFFON>=15GOFF
10Environmental and Shock monitoring15Full setOFFON>=15GOFF
11Environmental and Shock monitoring60Full setOFFON>=15GOFF
12Refrigerator and Shock monitoring15Full set< 0c or >8c Min set in 5 min intervalON>=15GOFF
13Refrigerator and Shock monitoring60Full set< 0c or >8c Min set in 5 min intervalON>=15GOFF
14Intrusion Alert30OFFOFFOFFOFFOFF
15Shock Monitoring (high)OFFOFFOFFON>=40GOFF
16Shock Monitoring (high)30Full setOFFON>=40GOFF
18Refrigerator monitoring (meat and fish)15Full set< 0c or >4c Min set in 5 min intervalOFFOFFOFF
19Refrigerator monitoring (meat and fish)60Full set< 0c or >4c Min set in 5 min intervalOFFOFFOFF

Full set = Current, Min, Max and Average values
Min set = Current value
Temperature measurement interval is 5 min


Treon Support

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