Installation with Treon Nut Adapter

Sep 6, 2023 · 5 minutes to read

Treon Industrial Node Treon Industrial Node 6 Treon Nut Adapter


It is possible to install your Treon Industrial Node and Industrial Node 6 either with or without epoxy.

Option A: Nut adapter installation with epoxy:​

  • Minimum thread length can be less than 9 mm depending on the amount of epoxy​
  • Node alignment can be done manually​

Option B: Nut adapter installation without epoxy​:

  • Minimum thread length for the hole is 9 mm​
  • Manual alignment is not possible


Using a nut adapter enables attaching the Industrial Node to a spot with less available space in diameter, a shorter M8 opening with less threading and with additional epoxy to uneven surface. It is possible to manually align the Treon Industrial Node.

The installation requires a Treon Nut Adapter, a flat surface of 25 mm diameter, a hole for M8 bolt with 9.5 mm depth of threading, and optional epoxy.

What you need

For this installation method you will need:

  • Treon Nut Adapter
  • Hole drilled into the machine surface
  • Silicone grease
  • Torque wrench
  • Epoxy (only for installation method with epoxy)
  • Optional: Threadlocker


Step 1: Grease the Treon Nut Adapter

Apply and spread the silicon grease to the whole area of the larger Treon Nut Adapter surface. ​

Fig.: Apply grease to clean surface
Fig.: Grease around the adapter
Fig.: Spread grease with finger

Step 2: Connect Treon Nut Adapter to Treon Industrial Node

Now carefully screw the Treon Nut Adapter to the thread of the Treon Industrial Node.

Fig.: Take Treon Nut Adapter
Fig.: Screw on Treon Industrial Node thread
Fig.: Screw in all the way

Step 3: Tighten the connection

Set torque in torque wrench to exactly 8 Nm. The SW size is 22 mm. Hold node with the SW 30 spanner or wrench and tighten the Treon Nut Adapter to 8 Nm.

Fig.: Tighten with torque wrench

Step 4: Cleaning & Greasing Surface

Carefully clean the machine surface. Once it is clean, spread the silicon grease on the surface​. Cover the whole area that the Nut Adapter will sit on.

Fig.: Clean the surface
Fig.: Apply grease around M8 hole
Fig.: Spread grease with finger

Option A: Installation with Epoxy

Step 5a (Epoxy): Prepare Epoxy

Put on protective gloves.

Cut a suitable slice of the epoxy. No mix it between your fingers until the two phases have mixed and the colour is uniform.

Use the epoxy within 2 to 3 minutes after mixing!

Please note: We recommend the Wurth ‘Metal Epoxy Stick’ for this step and have received good results with it. Of course you can use any suitable high-quality epoxy.

Fig.: Use metal epoxy
Fig.: Cut a suitable piece
Fig.: Take the epoxy
Fig.: Knead the epoxy
Fig.: Use when both phases fully mixed

Step 6a (Epoxy): Epoxy to Treon Nut Adapter

Place the epoxy on the Treon Nut Adapter bottom surface and shape it around bolt as shown on the picture.

Fig.: Apply epoxy to Treon Nut Adapter

Step 7a (Epoxy): Node to Machine Surface

Now carefully screw the Treon Industrial Node to surface of your machine​. During the screwing make sure that the epoxy stays between the Treon Nut Adapter and the machine surface by pressing it with your fingers.

Optionally, you can use a threadlocker if necessary.

Fig.: Screw Treon Industrial Node to thread hole
Fig.: Keep epoxy between
Treon Nut Adapter and surface

Step 8a (Epoxy): Node Alignment

After you have fully screwed the Treon Industrial Node to your machine, align the node to machine so that the node axis​ points directly toward the drive or the non-drive end of the machine.

Fig.: Take the node carefully
between fingers
Fig.: Turnnode until
alignment is correct
Fig.: Node should face drive or
non-drive end of machine

Wait until the epoxy is fully hardened before turning on the machine.


Option B: Installation without Epoxy

Step 5b (Without Epoxy): Screwing Node to Machine Surface

Carefully screw the Treon Industrial Node to the cleaned and greased machine surface​.

Optionally, you can use a thread locker if necessary.

Fig.: Take the Treon Industrial Node
Fig.: Screw into thread hole
in machine surface
Fig.: Screw in all the way

Step 6b (Without Epoxy): Node to Machine Surface

Set the torque in the torque wrench to 8 Nm and carefully tighten the Treon Industrial Node to the machine. The SW size is 30 mm.

Fig.: Tighten with torque wrench


The Treon Industrial Node is now fully installed!


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