Installation without Adapter

Feb 1, 2023 · 2 minutes to read

Treon Industrial Node Treon Industrial Node 6

This article describes how to install a Treon Industrial Node or Industrial Node 6 without an adapter directly to the machine surface via an M8 hole.

For this installation method, the Industrial Node is directly attached to the machine surface. This minimizes the vibration transmission route for best measurement quality. Manual alignment of the Industrial Node is not possible with this installation method.

Installation without any adapter requires a flat surface of 32 mm diameter, and a hole for an M8 bolt with 18.5 mm depth of threading.

Important: Manual alignment of the Industrial Node or Treon Industrial Node is not possible when using this installation method!  

What you need

For this installation method you will need:

  • M8 hole drilled in the machine surface
  • Torque wrench, spanner width 30 mm
  • Optional: Threadlocker


Step 1: Drill M8 hole

Start with carefully drilling an M8 hole into the machine surface at the location you have chosen for the measurements. Please consider carefully where you drill the hole. If you are unsure, please consult the manual of the machine or the manufacturer.

Be sure to drill the hole with the correct alignment to the machine. For most uses, an exact angle of 90° to the plane will be the right choice.


Step 2: Clean and grease the surface

First clean the machine surface thoroughly. Then apply silicon grease and spread it with your finger in an unpowdered latex glove as shown in the pictures.

Fig.: Clean the surface
Fig.: Apply the grease
Fig.: Spread the grease

Step 3: Attach to machinery

Now screw the Industrial Node or Treon Industrial Node 6 into the M8 hole on the machine surface.

Optionally a threadlocker can be used if needed to secure the device in place.

Fig.: M8 hole in machine surface
Fig.: Screw in Industrial Node
Fig.: Carefully tighten Node

Step 4: Tighten

Now set your torque wrench with a spanner size of 30 mm to a tightness of 8 Nm (Newton metres) and carefully tighten the Industrial Node to the machine.

Fig.: Set torque wrench to 8 Nm
Fig.: Tighten the Industrial Node

The Industrial Node or Industrial Node 6 is now fully installed!


If you need any additional help with the installation process or at any point are unsure how to proceed, please contact Treon Customer Support.


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