Activation of the Treon Industrial Node

Sep 6, 2023 · 2 minutes to read

Treon Industrial Node Treon Industrial Node 6


In order for the Treon Industrial Node and Treon Industrial Node 6 to connect with the Treon Gateway, you need to activate them.

1 Switch on the Industrial Node

Press and hold the power button until the status light turns green

4 Switch the Industrial Node on


2 Check the connection

To see if the Treon Industrial Node is connected to the Treon Gateway:

  1. Press the power button just briefly. The status light turns green and then goes off

  2. If the status light then turns green again for 5 seconds, the node is connected.

Green 5 seconds = connected

If the status light instead turns red for 5 seconds, the node is not yet connected.

Red 5 seconds = not connected

In case the Treon Industrial Node is not connected, check that the Treon Gateway has been powered on and the node has had some minutes of time to establish the connection.

It is also possible that the node may be too far from the gateway or surroundings are blocking the radio connection. In either case, the gateway needs to be moved closer to the node or an additional routing node can be added between the node and the gateway to help routing the data.

Please see our articles on mesh network design for more information.


3 Read the Node ID

The identification number of the node is printed on the sticker attached to the node, and it can be as well read from the QR code

5 Read the Industrial Node ID

You can also use a NFC reader, such as an NFC-enabled mobile phone to read the identification number: switch on NFC on the reader and touch the top of the node with the reader.

6 Read the Industrial Node ID 2

Your Treon Industrial Node or Treon Industrial Node 6 is now activated and connected to the Treon Gateway. You can check if the collected data is arriving in the backend.


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