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Mar 7, 2024 · 2 minutes to read

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The Condition Monitoring Kit includes a Wapice IoT-Ticket subscription for 6 months, which provides you an online dashboard to visualize your data, see the list of Industrial Nodes connected to the Treon Gateway, their type, status and last update. You can also trigger measurements and and review KPI’s.



Wapice IoT-Ticket Overview

On the The Wapice IoT-Ticket Overview you can check the Industrial Node in a list with type, status and last update. You have a graph where you can see specific KPI values for the selected nodes. There is a temperature analysis graph and you can modify the analysis period and set temperature alarm limits.  

Fig.: Overview Page of the Wapice IoT-Ticket.


You have a History graph where you can review different KPI’s for specific axis on a defined timeframe. You can also export the data into a .csv file.

Fig.: Visualization of the v-RMS value for the Industrial Nodes.

Raw Data

It is possible to trigger on-demand raw data requests on the Raw data interface, even if by default the raw data is inactive on the sensors. You can also export the raw data into a .csv file.

Fig.: Raw data trigger interface.


There is a graphical representation on the architecture of the deployment.

Fig.: Architecture of a deployment.


On the Settings interface you can select a sensor and trigger on-demand request for the latest vibration KPI’s and FFT’s to the cloud. You can change the measurement interval and also set the temperature alarm limit.

Fig.: Trigger on-demand KPI’s and FFT’s for a selected node.


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