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Node Inventory

Mar 29, 2023 · 2 minutes to read

Treon Gateway

This article describes the Node Inventory feature in Treon Aito Release 6.5 for Gateway and higher releases.

In Treon Aito Release 6.5 for Gateway and higher, it is possible to enable sending a report on the nodes currently connected to the Treon Gateway. This list contains all the Wirepas items that have been detected by the Treon Gateway within the last 210 minutes (previously 60 minutes before Treon Aito Release 7 for Gateway). This can be achieved either via an SSH connection with the command “node_inventory” or through an MQTT Device Manager (DM) command.


Activating Node Inventory

In Treon Aito Release 7 for Gateway, the ability to request Node Inventory messages with DM commands needs to be activated manually via a small configuration change.

(In the next Treon Aito Release for Gateway, it is planned that it will be possible to enable the feature via DM-commands through an MQTT connection.)

  • For usage via SSH connection, no additional configuration is required.

  • For usage via DM commands, some small configuration changes need to be implemented:

  1. Connect with SSH to the Gateway
  2. Create a .conf file in /opt/iotgw/conf.d/ example:
    nano /opt/iotgw/conf.d/nodeinventory.conf
  3. In the file you need to add the following information:
DataProcessors3 += CborLogic, DeviceManager3
CloudTopicFilter += b_devmanager, data

Please Note: Keep in mind that [CloudAdapter] must match the one you are using. For configurations created through the Configuration UI of the Treon Gateway it will be [CloudAdapterMQTT].

Once it has been set up you can use the following command to trigger a reading:


Treon Customer Support

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