Treon Gateway Software

Feb 2, 2023 · 1 minutes to read

Treon Gateway

Treon Aito is the embedded software platform that powers Treon Gateway. It enables smart data collection from a wide range of sensors, on-device processing, and transmitting to any cloud backend. It supports both Bluetooth LE beacons and Wirepas Mesh sensors. Treon Aito enables the full power of Edge computing with integrated support for Azure IoT Edge, along with native application deployment.

Edge Computing ready Treon Aito enables thorough utilization of Edge Computing with the support for Azure IoT Edge, and custom code deployment.

BLE beacon and Wirepas support Treon Aito supports data collection and parsing from both BLE beacons and Wirepas devices, providing ­flexibility in the sensor device choice in a solution.

Eff­ortless integration to any cloud Treon Aito provides secure multipoint cloud connectivity that enables connection to any cloud backend, with special support for Azure cloud.


  • Versatile cloud connectivity
  • Edge framework support
  • On-Gateway data processing
  • Bluetooth LE and Wirepas support


Treon Customer Support

If you have further questions, please contact Treon Customer Support.


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