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Treon Gateway - System description

Jan 27, 2023 · 3 minutes to read

Quick Start Guides

To learn about the hardware, the installation and basic setup of the Treon Gateway, please read our Quick Start Guide.


The Treon Gateway connects a mesh of sensor nodes to a cloud backend. The gateway is configured as a mesh network sink, and it collects, processes, and transmits data from the sensor nodes to the cloud and back.

You can have multiple gateways and anything from a few to hundreds of sensor nodes in your setup.

Architecture of a gateway

The gateway consists of hardware, ARM-based Linux OS (Yocto), different middleware components, and different applications. The Treon IoT gateway application is one of theapplications. You can develop your own applications, for example using Python or Node.js.

Architecture of the Treon IoT gateway application

The Treon IoT gateway application is one of the possible applications you can run on the Treon Gateway.

The design follows Separation of Concerns (SoC) principles and consists of three main sections (layers).

The sections work as follows:

  1. The local connectivity adapter processes the Wirepas data that it receives from the sensor nodes and sends that data forward in a specific TLV format.
  2. The data processor parses the TLV data into JSON and back to TLV.
  3. The cloud adapter connects to a cloud, transmitting the JSON data to the cloud and back to the data processor.

You have the following development options:

  • Change the local connectivity adapter. If you don’t use Wirepas Mesh, you need a different mesh adapter. For example, the Gateway hardware supports Bluetooth Mesh.
  • Change the data processor. If you have your own sensor nodes and your own TLV format, you can change the data parser to understand your own format.
  • Change the cloud adapter. The gateway includes integration with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, HTTP REST, and Wapice, and through development, the gateway can be connected to other cloud backends as well.

You can have multiple adapters and data processors in your setup.

TLV data model

The Gateway uses its own TLV data model, which is available by request. The IoT Gateway application processes this data.


The gateway security is handled through

  1. usernames and passwords
  2. iptables for firewall
  3. an SSH connection.

Gateways have two pre-set usernames and passwords. Root login is disabled.

The passwords are unique to each gateway, and you cannot use the password of one gateway to login to another gateway. We recommend that you change the passwords.

Caution: Once you change the password, you must remember it as it cannot be recovered. The password cannot be recovered or reset remotely by Treon Customer Support. Please note that Treon Customer Support will need the password in order to perform remote maintenance and support on your Treon Gateway!

You can use iptables to configure a firewall. The configuration depends on your firewall requirements.

Use SSH to securely login to the gateway


Treon Customer Support

If you have further questions, please contact Treon Customer Support.


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