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Treon Gateway - Gateway Buffering

Jan 27, 2023 · 1 minutes to read

Please note: This feature has not been tested with all possible configurations. Please proceed with care. In case you experience any issues, please contact Treon Support.

To follow this guide you will need to connect to the Gateway with SSH

To turn on data buffering you must create a configuration file in /opt/iotgw/conf.d
An example file would look like: (the name can be changed but it must end in .conf)

EnableOfflineStorage: True
##Offline storage can be either FIFO or LIFO (default)
OfflineStorageType: LIFO

If you are using a different cloud adapter you will need to change the [CloudAdapter] part (for example [ConfigUI] for the ConfigUI generated file)
You can also change between FIFO and LIFO.

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