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Treon Gateway - Network connection

Jan 31, 2023 · 5 minutes to read

You can connect to the gateway using

  • A browser and the gateway’s own WLAN access point
  • An SSH connection and either the gateway’s own WLAN access point or when gateway is connected to infrastructure network via Ethernet or WLAN.

Select the connection method based on what you want to do after you are connected:

  • The browser-based configuration UI allows you to manage the basic settings.
  • The SSH connection gives you access to more advanced functionality such as configuring the IoT gateway application.

The gateway uses IPv4 addresses.

Connect using a browser

  1. Press the configuration button until the status light starts blinking. The gateway becomes a WLAN access point. The name of the access point is treongw1-serialnumber, where serialnumber is the serial number of your gateway.

  2. Using your computer, tablet, or a phone, connect to the access point.

  3. Open your browser, and go to address The configuration UI opens. Alternatively use the address http://gateway.config

Note: The address is only when you haven’t connected the gateway to the network using any other means such as an Ethernet cable. If the gateway has been connected to the network before, it may use another address.

To find out which address your gateway uses, use an application that shows TCP/IP values, such as ipconfig for Windows, ifconfig for Linux.

Connect using SSH

For the SSH connection, use any SSH client that is available for your operating system.

For example, Windows 10 has a built-in SSH client, but if you use previous versions of Windows you may need to install an SSH client such as PuTTY.

Connect using the gateway’s WLAN access oint

  1. Activate WLAN access point as instructed in ‘Connect using a browser’.

  2. Using your computer, connect to the access point.

  3. Once connected to the access point, open your command prompt, and login.

For example, using Windows 10:

ssh -4 gwadmin@treongw1-<serialnumber>.local
ssh -4 gwuser@treongw1-<serialnumber>.local

Above, serialnumber is the serial number of your gateway.

  1. When prompted, enter your password. You are now logged in.

When you are done, press the configuration button again to deactivate the WLAN access point.

Connect using an Ethernet cable

  1. Attach the Ethernet cable to the gateway. The gateway is dynamically assigned an IP address and it starts to broadcast its host name using mDNS. Do not connect the gateway directly to a PC, connect it to the same router/modem your PC is connected to.

  2. Open your command prompt.

  3. Find the correct gateway from the network. See Find the correct gateway for further details.

  4. After you have found the correct gateway, login.

For example, using Windows 10:

ssh -4 gwadmin@treongw1-serialnumber.local
ssh -4 gwuser@treongw1-serialnumber.local
Above, serialnumber is the serial number of your gateway.

  1. When prompted, enter your password. You are now logged in

Find the correct gateway

When a gateway is connected to the infrastructure network, its IP address is dynamically assigned by the network’s DHCP server. o he you find the correct gateway in a mesh network, each gateway broadcasts its hostname using mDNS.

When you use a PC, you will need a utility program to listen to the mDNS broadcasts on a network:

  • Linux: avahi-browse

  • Windows: dns-sd from Apple print services (Bonjour)

  • Mac: dns-sd -B

For example, in Windows 10 after you have installed Apple print services.

dns-sd -B _ssh._tcp

The above command lists all available devices that support SSH in this network.

dns-sd -G4 v4 treongw1-<serialnumber>.local

The above command lists the gateway’s IP address, if SSH doesn’t work with the gateway’s name.

If your computer is connected over WLAN to an infrastructure network, the configuration of the corporate network routers may prevent mDNS from working. This may prevent you from finding the gateway, even though the gateway itself would be connected to the network with an Ethernet cable. In these cases, connect both your computer and the gateway to the network using an Ethernet cable.

SSH tips and tricks

To simplify your connection process, for example in cases where you manage multiple gateways, create an RSA key pair. This way you don’t have to enter your password every time you log in to a gateway. Copy the public key to all gateways, and keep the private key on your computer. Remember to keep the private key secure.

If you already have an existing key pair, you can use those.

If you on’t want to use the existing key pair, create a new pair, but remember to back up the existing one.

For further details, see, for example,


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