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Connectivity - Gateway SIM connection settings

Feb 10, 2023 · 2 minutes to read

This article explains how you can configure your Treon Gateway cellular communication settings.


You can view and adapt the standard cellular connectivity settings of your Treon Gateway by editing the file /opt/nbiot_connection/modem.cfg using the command line

sudo nano /opt/nbiot_connection/modem.cfg 


sudo vi /opt/nbiot_connection/modem.cfg 

Parameters When you have opened the modem.cfg file you can view the parameters set and change them.

MODEM_URAT: priority list of cellular technologies used for connectivity


APN: access point name override

ROAMING: defines if cellular roaming is allowed

UMNOPROF: Defines modem network profile, should not be modified unless there are connectivity issues.

PIN Code

The PIN code can be set and enabled by using a helper script in the same folder. Note that usage of the pin code has to be enabled before it is possible to change it. You can do this with the following command:

sudo python –enable-pin 
sudo python –change-pin old_pin new_pi

Configure SIM settings (CLI)

  1. Connect to gateway using ssh
  2. Open modem configuration file:
$ sudo nano /opt/nbiot_connetion/modem.cfg
  1. Modify parameters in the file and save it.
  2. Log out
  3. Restart the gateway

Available parameters:

MODEM_URATPriority order of cellular technologies used for connection
APNCellular operator’s access point name if not automatically detected
PINPIN code (is set)
ROAMINGDefines is data roaming is allowed

NOTE: If PIN code is set wrong SIM card may be blocked and need to be reactivated with PUK code.

Configure SIM settings with configuration UI

  1. Activate configuration UI and connect to it using a browser
  2. Select modem parameters and modify
  3. Exit configuration UI. Gateway will reboot and use new settings

NOTE Not all SIM parameters are available when using configuration UI.

Configure test


Treon Customer Support

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