Treon Gateway Config UI 1.0.0

Mar 21, 2023 · 4 minutes to read

This article presents all possible settings in the Treon Gateway Config UI 1.0.0 for Treon Gateway Release version 6.5.2.

Access Point Mode

To configure the Treon Gateway Config UI you need to turn the Treon Gateway into Access Point Mode and connect to it via a browser.

  1. Press the configuration button (F) on the bottom of the gateway about 10 seconds until the status light (A) starts blinking. The gateway now becomes a wi-fi access point. (Please do not press the button for a full minute, as this will delete the data on the gateway.)

  2. Using your phone, computer, or tablet, connect to the access point: select the wi-fi network treongw1-serialnumber, where serialnumber is the serial number of your gateway.

  3. Enter your password. It has been provided separately with the Treon Gateway. Windows 10 and Windows 11 may ask for a pin code as a primary access point password. Please use the “Connect using a Security key instead” option instead. Remember to change the password later.

  4. Open a browser on your phone, computer or tablet and go to address in order to access the Treon Gateway Config UI.

Fig.: Press button F until status light A starts blinking

Config UI

The Config UI of the Treon Gateway let’s you change a variation of settings.

Fig.: Welcome to Treon Gateway Config UI

The Config UI offers a menu with the following items to choose:

Fig.: Config UI Main Menu

View Gateway Status

Here you can find information on your Treon Gateway, like the firmware release, the cellular operator and if the maintenance connection is enabled.

Fig.: View Treon Gateway status information 1/2.
Fig.: View Treon Gateway status information 2/2.


Wi-fi Settings

This setting is for connecting the Treon Gateway via a wi-fi network.

  1. Choose Add Wifi network and click Next. The Treon Gateway will now search for existing networks.
Fig.: Search for wi-fi networks.
  1. Select the wi-fi network you would like to connect to.
Fig.: Choose wi-fi network.
  1. Enter the password for the selected wi-fi network.
Fig.: Enter wi-fi password.
  1. Now the Treon Gateway will connect automatically to the selected wi-fi network.


Configure SIM settings

In the SIM settings you can check on the cellular operator, configure the APN, enable roaming and change the cellular profile.

Fig.: Configure the SIM settings of the Treon Gateway.

In case the SIM card was not recognized, the gateway will give you this message. Check that the SIM card is valid for the Treon Gateway and was put properly into the SIM card slot.

Fig.: No SIM card could be identified by the Treon Gateway.

Configure LAN settings

Here you can set the DHCP client, change the ping settings and set the time of the Treon Gateway manually.

Fig.: Configure Treon Gateway Ethernet LAN settings.

Configure MQTT settings

Here you can change the Treon Gateway’s MQTT settings.

Fig.: Change Treon Gateway MQTT settings.

Change Gateway WiFi password

Here you can change the wi-fi password of the Treon Gateway. Please make sure to save the new password!

Fig.: Enter the new password and save.


Maintenance connection

This menu item lets you deactivate the maintenance connection of the Treon Gateway. As a default, the maintenance connection is enabled.

Fig.: Maintenance Connection Disabled.
Fig.: Maintenance Connection Enabled


View error log

Fig.: Main Menu - Treon Gateway error log.



Here you can find information on the Config UI settings.

Fig.: Treon Gateway Config UI information.



In order to exit the configuration mode, select Quit, or press and hold the configuration button (F) until the status light stops blinking.

Fig.: Quit the ConfigU I session.


Treon Customer Support

If you have further questions, please contact Treon Customer Support.


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