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Oct 30, 2023 · 3 minutes to read

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The Treon product environment is highly flexible and allows you to use any backend of your own as well as backends from various service providers.

The Treon Aito Release for Gateway firmware provides various possibilities for backend connections. It utilises Microsoft Azure and Treon’s own integration service with which the Treon Gateway can be connected to any cloud backend.


Backend Utilisation

A backend solution for the Treon product environment be used for:

  • Collecting, analysing and visualising collected sensor data
  • Analysing mesh network telemetry data
  • Changing basic settings and adapting measurement settings via DM commands
  • Updating Treon products

JSON data (JavaScript Object Notation) is the format in which all data necessary to collect, analyse and visualise collected sensor data is delivered to your backend solution.

Mesh network telemetry data is additional data on the constitution of your mesh network and your nodes that can be used to analyse the health and functionality of your mesh network.

DM commands allow you to change measurement settings of Treon nodes within your mesh network as well as Treon Gateway settings.

Updating Treon products include Treon Aito Release for Gateway firmware updates for the Treon Gateway via network connection and Treon Aito Release for Industrial Node firmware updates for Treon Industrial Nodes via network and the mesh network. Updates can be performed either via direct SSH connection or DM commands.


Backend Integration Options

There are multiple options for backend integration of the Treon product environment. The common solutions are employing MQTT, HTTPS and Wirepas Network Tool. In case you have a specific backend solution, please contact Treon Support to discuss how to integrate the Treon product environment into your own.

The interfaces of the Treon Gateway are sending and receiving ZeroMQ messages that can be also transferred to cloud (backend) applications. The gateway receives the application data from the Treon nodes in CBOR, appends Treon Gateway specific parameters to it in protocol buffer format and transmits them over to the MQTT brokers to your platform.


MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a light messaging protocol designed especially for low-bandwidth, high latency networks. It works on top of the TCP/IP protocol. This messaging pattern requires a message broker. Please see our section on MQTT for more information.

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)

Wirepas Network Tool

The Wirepas Network Tool (WNT) is a 3rd party tool for monitoring and analysing Wirepas Mesh network operation. The diagnostics data is fed into WNT via the Treon Gateway. The Wirepas network tool (WNT) provides information about Wirepas protocol behaviour, and it can be used to configure the Wirepas network parameters. Please contact Wirepas directly for information on licensing.


Treon Support

You still have questions? Our dedicated team of experts is happy to help you! Please contact Treon Support directly by e-mail.

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