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Jan 27, 2023 · 2 minutes to read

Treon Gateway Treon Industrial Node Treon Industrial Node 6

Welcome to learning about the Treon product environment. In this Learning Path, we will explain how to install, set up, configure and maintain Treon products step-by-step.

  1. Introduction
    In the Introduction section we give an overview of Treon and the Treon environment.

  1. Mesh Network Design
    We explain how to design and deploy a mesh network, how to avoid common mistakes when placing devices, how to plan the routing and how to work with large data.

  1. Treon Gateway Basics
    How to physically install your Treon Gateway and Treon Gateway in Protective Enclosure, how to connect it to a network and set up the configuration.

  1. Basics Treon Industrial Nodes
    We explain the physical installation of the Treon Industrial Node and Treon Industrial Node 6, how to connect them to a gateway and how to interpret the JSON data.

  1. Industrial Node Configuration
    We advise how to change the change the measurement configuration of the Treon Industrial Node and Treon Industrial Node 6 via DM Commands. We also show how to work with the Wirepas configuration of your mesh network devices.

  1. Backend Configuration
    We give advice on the backend integration of the Treon product environment and how to set up MQTT.


Treon Customer Support

If at any point you have further questions or are unsure how to proceed, please contact Treon Customer Support.


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