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Nov 8, 2023 · 7 minutes to read

Find the answers to the most common questions about our products.

Treon Gateway

How do I install the Treon Gateway? Please follow the guide and setup instruction in the Gateway Installation section of our Learning Path.
Can the Treon Gateway handle tough environments?
 The Treon Gateway has an operating temperature of 0 °C to +50 °C.
  The Treon Gateway in Protective Enclosure is certified IP66/IP67 and can operate within the range of –20 °C up to +50 °C and a relative humidity of 20-90%, noncondensing. Impact Resistance (EN 62262) IK08.
How many nodes can connect to the Treon Gateway? The Treon Gateway supports up to 14 nodes connected directly. The number of nodes connected within the mesh network is not limited, we recommend to use an additional gateway if more than 50 nodes are connected.
In case high amounts of data are sent from the nodes to the gateway, for example when transmitting raw data from the nodes, we recommend using more gateways in order to avoid congestions in the data transfer, and in order to keep routing within the mesh network short.
What is the connection range between Treon Gateway and the nodes? The maximum distance between the Treon Gateway and the nodes, and in-between nodes, can vary from a few tens of meters to up to 60 meters, depending on the individual deployment environment. A clear line of sight between devices will help a longer distance and optimal conditions for radio transmission.
What power cable is needed for the Treon Gateway? The Treon Gateway comes equipped with a suitable power cable and a socket suitable for your region. If you would like to order a new power cable, please contact our Customer Support team.
Does the Treon Gateway require specific network or firewall configuration? The Treon Gateway does not require a specific configuration. It can also connect directly to the internet via an IoT SIM card, without requiring any access to nearby networks. This circumvents any potential requirements for network configuration.
Can I connect my computer via Ethernet cable directly to the Treon Gateway? The Treon Gateway cannot be connected directly via ethernet cable to your computer, but it can be connected via ethernet cable or wifi to a router and then be accessed from a computer in the same network.
Can I use a local SIM card in the Treon Gateway? Yes, if the SIM card fulfils the necessary requirements. The Treon Gateway is compatible with 2G, LTE M1 and NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT). We do not recommend using NB-IoT due to the low bandwidth that is provided. The Treon Gateway is not compatible with 4G and 5G SIM cards.
Can I use a USB SIM modem connection with the Treon Gateway? It is possible to use an external USB SIM modem with the Treon Gateway, if the gateway has the correct driver and the modem is first configured on a computer. Models we have made good experience with are:
  - Huawei E3372
  - ZTE MF833
  - Huawei E3372h-320 LTE
  - Alcatel Link Key 4G IK40V
Can I use the Treon Gateway with third-party sensors? The Treon Gateway is currently provided with Wirepas version 5.0. Additionally, we can provide an update path to version 5.2. Sensors using Wirepas version 5.x will be compatible, but it is possible that not all features are seen correctly. In case you want to use sensors with Wirepas version 4.x, please contact the Customer Support team
How can I update the Treon Gateway? Please see the Updates section to learn how to update your Treon product.
How can I reset my Treon Gateway to factory settings? The Treon Gateway can only be reset to factory settings by Treon Support.
  Please Note: The button on the bottom of the Treon Gateway will NOT lead to a factory reset. Instead it will decommission the device! Please read more about the topic in this article.


Treon Sensors

How are the Treon Industrial Node and Treon Industrial Node 6 installed? Both Treon products can be either mounted without an adapter directly to the surface, or via a Nut Adapter, a Magnetic Epoxy Mount Adapter, or a Glue Mount Adapter. Please see our comparison of installation methods in this article.
Do Treon sensors need wired hardware? Both the Treon Industrial Node and the Treon Industrial Node 6 are working completely wireless via a Bluetooth Wirepas mesh network. Only the Treon Gateway needs to be powered but can transmit the data wirelessly via cellular network.
How does the Wirepas mesh work? Wirepas Mesh is a low-power wireless connectivity protocol. Based on mesh network architecture, all the nodes in the network are homogeneous and make all connection decisions depending on the local radio environment. Wirepas operates unlicensed frequencies such as 2.4GHz, 865MHz, 868MHz, 870Mhz and 915MHz.
How can I access the sensor data? You can either use your own backend or a 3rd party solution to collect, analyse and visualize the data collected by your Treon devices.
Can the Treon Industrial Node handle tough environments? The Treon Industrial Node and Treon Industrial Node 6 can handle temperatures within the ranges of –40 degrees Celsius up to +85 degrees Celsius. The Treon Industrial Node 6 EX is ATEX certified for difficult environments. Please see the exact certifications in the download section of each product in the Treon Store.
In what time intervals can the Treon Industrial Node and Treon Industrial Node 6 take measurements? The standard measurement interval time is 30 minutes, but longer intervals can be selected as well. The shortest measurement interval is 5 minutes (about 10 minutes for raw data, depending on the exact network speed), which will drain the battery of the product faster than with a longer time interval.
  For testing purposes, it is possible to use a 1 minute interval for a short time. This setting is not recommended for continuous use as it will drain the battery very quickly!
  As an alternative to set time intervals, the "WakeUp" mode constantly measures with a very low frequency and will trigger a standard measurement when vibration is detected.



Do I need my own backend to access the sensor data? You can either use your own backend or a 3rd party solution to collect, analyse and visualize the data collected by your Treon devices.
What types of backend can I connect with my Treon products? Supported backends include Azure IoT and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  MQTT (either user/password, connection string, or x509 certificates are all supported authentication methods. Only user/password on the Gateway configUI though)
  HTTP (user/password or authentication string are supported)


Treon Support

How can I contact Treon Customer Support? Please find our Customer Support team's information on our Contact Treon page.
How long will it take to get an answer? Treon Customer Support usually within 2 business days, but during specifically busy times our response might take longer.
Can I book a training with Treon? We are happy to send you a list of available trainings and a quotation. Please send us an inquiry for a training (via video conference or at our location in Tampere, Finland) to Customer Support team.
Can I have a meeting with your Support team? Treon offers Live Support via video conference to customers with a maintenance agreement. If you are interested, please contact our Customer Support team.


Treon Support

You still have questions? Our dedicated team of experts is happy to help you! Please contact Treon Support directly by e-mail.

Did you know? Treon offers Premium Support and Maintenance Packages for our customers. Get even more out of Treon and boost your sales - inquire now about features and prices!


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