Treon Nodes & Sensors Overview

Dec 1, 2022 · 2 minutes to read

Predictive monitoring is the key to predictive maintenance. Condition monitoring helps to indicate developing faults in the machinery by identifying significant enough changes. The process critical machines - turbines, or boilers, for example, cover usually around 5% of the machines. They are being monitored frequently and manually with handheld devices. If a machine of high criticality fails, it could shut down the entire plant or multiple production lines. Failure of the critical equipment would be tremendously expensive, so the business case of monitoring those devices is very clear.

Fast deployment is one of the key drivers for wireless systems. Data or power cabling are not needed – the node is just plugged into rotating machine and turned on. Edge computing enables minimizing the amount of data, leading to longer battery life, even up to 5-7 years. Wireless monitoring dramatically changes the business case for condition monitoring – it is just not for the process-critical machines anymore. The wireless monitoring aims to get rid of the unplanned downtime caused by equipment malfunctions.

Abnormal vibrations or high temperatures give early signs of machine failure due component imbalance, misalignment, wear, or improper use of equipment. Those can be effortlessly identified without manual measurements or expensive wired equipment to increase machine uptime and extend mean time between failures. Condition monitoring avoids unplanned shutdown and increases machine availability and allows planning of maintenance and service work. Through this, consequential damages are prevented. The data collected also enables root cause analysis.

Product Overview

Treon Node

A compact sensor that measures air quality index, temperature, humidity, ambient light, and barometric pressure. The Treon Node also includes an accelerometer for measuring vibration and movement as well as a HAL-sensor for magnet proximity detection to make it a complete platform to trial or deploy a wide range of IoT-use cases.

Treon Asset Node

The Treon Asset Node measures the asset temperature and captures even the highest shocks, making it a highly viable sensor for asset and logistic tracking.

Treon Industrial Node

The Treon Industrial Node measures tri-axial vibration and surface temperature of rotating equipment, such as pumps, motors, and compressors.

Treon Industrial Node 6

The Treon Industrial Node 6 measures tri-axial vibration and surface temperature of rotating equipment, such as pumps, motors, and compressors, with a frequency range up to 6.3kHz.

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