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Known Issues and Workarounds

Dec 1, 2022 · 2 minutes to read

Treon Gateway

This article offers a list of the known issues in the Treon Aito releases that we are aware of and possible solutions and workarounds.


  • Wi-Fi network not found in Configuration mode

Known Issue: If you activate a Wi-Fi network after you already have entered Configuration mode on your Treon Gateway, it might not be recognized by the gateway.

Workaround: Activate the Wi-Fi you want to connect to already before you enter Configuration mode on your Treon Gateway.

Treon Aito: up to version 6.3.0


  • Wi-Fi access point activation problem

Known Issue: The Wi-Fi access point activation on the Treon Gateway may fail (get stuck) after configuring multiple networks with wrong passwords.

Workaround: Connect the Treon Gateway temporarily via an ethernet or cellular connection. This will restore Wi-Fi activation. Remove the conflicting Wi-Fi from Configuration Mode UI.

Treon Aito: up to version 6.3.0


Iotgw-application parser configuration issue

Known Issue: The configuration parser implementation of the Iotgw-application was changed from Python 2 to Python 3. The Python 3 parser cannot handle the configuration file with multiple sections with the same name.

Workaround: This is a configuration error in the conf-file, which needs to be fixed by the creator.

Treon Aito: up to version 6.3.0


Treon Industrial Node firmware update issue

Known Issue: The Treon Industrial Node firmware update may fail in some cases when the mesh network is busy.

Workaround: The update needs to be started again.

Treon Aito: up to version 6.3.0


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