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In case of a product that is behaving irregularly and needs to be investigated by the specialists at Treon, it can happen that Treon asks you to send these products back to us.

Before you send any product to Treon, please first contact Treon Customer Support. Many issues can be investigated and corrected remotely without the need to physically inspect the Treon product!

In case of maintenance work for your Treon product, please always first contact and discuss the timeframe with Treon Customer Support or your Treon account manager.

Once you have agreed with Treon Support that a Treon product needs to be returned for further investigation, replacement, or maintenance, please follow the return procedure below.


Packing the return items

Treon products are sensitive measurement and communication devices, that are best shipped only in the original packaging.

If the original packaging material is no longer available, or is not fitting the return shipment due to a different number of devices, please make sure to use appropriate packaging:

  • Choose a strong and rigid carton box.
  • All items in the box need to be packaged tightly, so they are not moving within the package.
  • The outer packaging needs to endure the shipment and the manual and mechanical handling during the shipment.

Please add a short description of the issue and information on who was in contact with Treon Support with the content of the box. This helps our team to match the return product with the correct Treon Support case.


Shipping Treon products with batteries

For returning Treon products containing batteries, you need to follow specific guidelines for shipping.

Treon products that contain batteries and need special attention for shipping include:

  • Treon Industrial Node
  • Treon Industrial Node 6
  • Treon Industrial Node 6 Ex
  • Treon Asset Node

These products need to be sent following IATA DGR guidelines:

This guideline states (but is not limited to):

  1. You can send max two packages with two Treon products containing batteries per package in the same shipment without any lithium markings in the waybill and packages. This means that one package can only contain a maximum of 2 battery-containing products.

  2. If your shipment contains more than four battery-containing Treon products, a contract with the carrier/shipping company needs to include the agreement to deliver dangerous goods. When shipping, you need to:

  • add the lithium battery UN3091 sticker to the outer package, plus the phone number of a person who can answer questions related to the shipment.
  • add the lithium statement in the waybill STATEMENT TEXT:” Lithium metal batteries in compliance with Section II of PI970”. (This is typically available in the courier service portals if you have the agreement in place.)

Please make sure that the shipper and the personnel involved in shipping have the adequate information on shipping lithium batteries.

For more detailed information, please see this external website by the International Air Transport Association (IATA):


Return address

Please label the return items exactly as following:

Treon Oy
Lifecycle Management Team
Visiokatu 3
33720 Tampere

This will ensure that the shipment reaches the Treon Lifecycle Management team, who will process the returned Treon products.

Please note: Treon will not take responsibility for incorrectly packed return shipments. The carrier/shipping company is responsible for any damages and loss that occur during transportation.


Further processing

Our Treon Lifecycle Management team will inform you when the return package has successfully arrived at Treon.

In case there is a potential quality issue with the returned items, Treon will investigate the claim, keep you updated about the process, and agree on a suitable remediation if applicable.

In case you have agreed on maintenance work on your Treon products, Treon will keep you informed about the estimated timeframe.

If you have any questions about the status of your reclamation or maintenance, please contact Treon Customer Support.


Treon Customer Support

If at any point you have questions or are unsure how to proceed, please contact Treon Customer Support.


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